The Luxury on the edge of the Blue

Yacht and Home

Supplies for luxury yachts and homes. Restyling and styling projects, working in close coordination with shipyards.

Events & Experience

We transform ideas and desires into innovative choices, original entertainment and refined settings built with class.

Yacht Uniforms

A wide range of crew uniforms, from traditional to formal garments all using technical and innovative fabrics.

new Trends, ancient Cure

Bluxy, luxury on the edge of the blue, by Marie Pinto. The first thought was a pebble, a stone that encapsulates land, sea, and air. Natural elements to identify the work of those who work alongside lovers of the sea. With the strength and simple elegance of a pebble, Bluxy expresses itself with concreteness and poetry in an ideal range of services for yachts and residences. Bringing together novelty to express the character and needs of the customer in every season and occasion.

Bluxy brings with it all the experience of the new and the old Mediterranean. New trends and ancient care. What you need to always feel at home, in a safe harbour. Consulting, to select the highest quality materials that make simplicity the new luxury, and define, in every season, the route of its style.

All-round supplies, from table settings to the uniforms for the crew. From personalised linen to interior design. From deck furniture to the most technical and functional on-board elements. We aim to satisfy any guest requests to make their charter experience unique.

When it comes to events, the motto is extreme care linked to the land and sea, the authenticity of the Mediterranean, Italian flavours and eye for beauty to celebrate life on board, celebrations or important meetings.

Bluxy, a line, clear, harmonious, which is drawn around a sea stone. It expresses itself with lightness and solidity.

Home and Yacht Style & Restyle

” Our commitment is to excite our customers. The meticulous attention to detail, the search for new and innovative materials, the attention to make the spaces comfortable and functional.

Luxury, quality and refinement; simplicity, a new direction of style.


Developing your projects in every detail through teamwork, never leaving anything to chance


Everything your guests might need for a unique experience


Everything for the table, from classic porcelain to something more unique…

Decoration and Decor

Whether a yacht or a home, it will need accessories and decorations to define its style…

Towels and Linen

Supplying sheets, quilts, and towels, the essence of wellness, a pleasure to use and to touch…

Cashmere and Fabrics

The best suppliers of cashmere and fabrics, for throws, cushions, loungewear and robes in a variety of finishes…

Carpets and Rugs

The right choice of carpets and rugs are the details that will make a strong impact on a space…

Yacht and Home exteriors

Outdoor furniture, seating arrangements and sun loungers by renowned brands such as Exteta, outdoor fabrics…

Events & Experience

“Creating an event means bringing a dream to life”

Quality and professionalism as well as great synergy between those who design and stage an event are the essential elements for the success of the event itself.

Our main aim is to transform ideas and desires into innovative, tasteful choices, original entertainment and refined settings, always built with great simplicity, class and style. Each event arises out of its planning and of attentive, careful study


Event Setting

The first crucial phase in the planning of an event is choosing the location

Lighting Design

For each type of event we give careful thought to the effects that will bring out the very best in every setting



Quality and professionalism as well as great synergy between those who design and stage an event.

Corporate Events

Team building, incentive events, reward events for managers and others, celebrations for large companies

Private Events

Parties of every kind, anniversaries, celebrations of important dates and occasions, glamorous events; our experience and professionalism, our meticulous care over every aspect of the organisation


Weddings are inevitably complex to organise. Bluxy can take care of everything, or can take on only the part you wish

For an unforgettable experience

Bluxy also offers a range of services and options to provide top-level entertainment, whether in terms of organising corporate events and team building or to entertain super yacht guests

Yacht Uniforms

As part of its vast range of supplies offered for luxury yachts, Bluxy also supplies crew uniforms. We offer a wide range of choices, from more traditional outfits for formal occasions, to informal everyday uniforms in the most innovative, technical fabrics for maximum practicality.

As well as offering renowned brands who have created corporate lines for crews, such as Gill, Slam, Floating Life, Helly Hansen, Musto, and North Sails, we also supply non-branded garments ideal for customising your uniforms. Finally, for certain types of article our tailors can produce made-to-measure garments, based on our sample models and our range of fabrics.