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“We work as a team, with passion and determination”


Marie Pinto

Founder & General Manager

Following extensive experience abroad, Marie Pinto started her business in luxury events and expanded into interiora
decoration of yachts and residences. In 2019, she founded Bluxy, which deals with supplies for charter yachts, restyling projects, interior design and yacht wear. Always prioritizing quality and professionalism, the company works directly with owners and crew and cooperates with shipyards and yacht managements to provide decors, crafts, and objects for yachts, in order to enhance guests’ experience on board.

Danya Sbuffini

Orders & Supply Management

Danya has got a long experience in the Yachting Industry. She is the contact reference for general information at Bluxy and she is in charge of Supply Management & Accounting

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Miriam Morrone

Chief Stewardess and Reference in Viareggio

Miriam has a long experience as Chief Stewardess in the Yachting Industry. Based in Viareggio, she is coordinating clients and shipyards in Tuscany and surroundings.

Francesca Donini

Naval Designer

Francesca is responsible for developing fresh concepts and proposal for yacht interiors and exteriors refits. Using software such as Photoshop, Rhinoceros, Illustrator, and InDesign, she creates designs, sketches, and professional 3D renderings.

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Martina Perrotta Palatova

Uniforms Management

Martina, who has extensive experience in crew services, is responsible for managing crew uniforms. She visits clients with uniform samples and places orders with suppliers.

Paola Santini

Order Preparation and Delivery

Paola is in charge of Supplies, Orders Checking, Clients Orders Preparation and Deliveries.

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“Being passionate about your work is a great gift and it is this very energy that gave me the impetus and drive to create Bluxy.

 My goal is to carry out each project with love, dedication and the utmost care in order to excite and amaze.”

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