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Design & Refit

Our advice can be requested in order to bring a breath of fresh air to your craft or your home, or to find new solutions for your spaces and undertake a full restyling. When we are assigned a restyling project, the interior refit is developed in close collaboration with renowned shipyards and/or architects, working with them as a team on the design and creation of bespoke projects

We can handle the entire project, taking care of the interior design and engaging our trusted suppliers and partners according to their specialisations, or we can take on only small parts of the project and limit our contribution to the required finishings and decor.

Tastes, desires and aims

Yacht restyling is carefully studied and designed in several phases, following meetings and exchanges with shipowners and fleet managers in order to understand their tastes, desires and aims, and therefore be able to best interpret and satisfy expectations for the project.

Care, research and attention

The proposed project is presented through sketches, plan view drawings and layouts based on the yacht’s technical drawings, or with 3D rendering that reproduces with remarkable faithfulness the yacht’s interiors after the proposed restyling.