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Design & Refit

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We continuously seek improvement at every step, managing all aspects of the design process, combining technical and design competences. We can create the perfect interior for your new yacht, give your present yacht a fresh new look with the latest in interior design, or completely redesign the yacht’s interior, providing a second life to the entire boat.

The interior refit is developed in close collaboration with renowned shipyards and/or architects, working with them as a team on the design and creation of bespoke projects We can handle the entire project, taking care of the interior design and engaging our trusted suppliers and partners according to their specializations, or we can take on only small parts of the project and limit our contribution to the required finishings and decor.

Restyle study

Yacht restyling is carefully studied and designed in several phases, following meetings and exchanges with shipowners and fleet managers in order to understand their tastes, desires and aims, and therefore be able to best interpret and satisfy expectations for the project. Through our constant search for new materials and niche products alongside our supply of the finest international brands we want to guarantee a vast selection in all areas. Each object and supply is carefully studied to integrate with the existing setting and style or to renew the ambience and define a completely new style in refitting.

Representation of the project

Once the choice of materials has been made we create moodboards, sketches, general plans and 3D renders to help our clients to understand the project final layouts and combination of materials and colors. We start from the interiors proposals and – through the necessary adjustments – we get to the delivery of the project


Moodboard, visual representation of the project concept and design. The table collects all materials proposed and combined together to let the owners visualize the style of the project proposed.

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Sketches, to visualize even better our idea of the project to trasform your yacht into a one-of-a-kind design jewel.

General Plans

General Plans, technical drawings of the different levels of the yacht, necessary for us and the shipyard to proceed with the refit works.

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3D Renders

3D Renders, a virtual model to faithfully represent how the finished work will look with the positioning of new lights, materials and